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Is Pat Rice Arsenal's secret martial arts master?

There can be no doubt Pat Rice is a legend of epic proportions. Not only was the former Belfast greengrocer a nifty right back, his contribution plonked on the bench next to Arsene should not be looked over. He's the only man (well, Bob Wilson too) to have been involved with all three of Arsenal's double winning sides, and he's even managed Arsenal on three seperate occasions (if anyone can tell us the matches, we'll be genuinely impressed).

So just as we thought Pat Rice couldn't be any more awesome, we drunkenly stumble across this. Footage of the 2007 The Shouyu Liang Wushu Taiji (that's Tai Chi) Championships. Here, a slightly fat middled aged man with greyish hair and spectacles was taking on the Tai Chi Master Chenan Yang. This plucky contestant's name? Pat Rice.

Is this how our super Pat spends his summers? Could it really be him? Check out the clip below and let us know what you think...

Posted by Adam Jones on August 8, 2007 3:24 PM in Look-alikes| News
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Dodgy doppelgangers #1: Alex Song and Sideshow Bob

If Alex Song spent more time practicing his footy skills than experimenting with his hairstyle, he might be pushing harder for a first team place. It seems the young Cameroon has cut out his braids and let his syrup sprout up like a palm tree for a new season look.

Cries of former French tennis player Yannick Noah in his pomp have fallen on deaf ears because we reckon the resemblence to Sideshow Bob is too uncanny(ish) to ignore. Song has obviously modelled his untamed mop on the machiavellian villian from The Simpsons (voiced by Fraser star, Kelsey Grammar), with some considerable success. What do you think? Have got it spot on or are we wide of the mark like a Darren Bent shot on goal? If you think you can do better then let us know about any of your Arsenal player look-alikes.

Picture of Alex Song: Getty Images

Posted by Nick Renshaw on August 7, 2007 12:03 PM in Look-alikes
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