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Are Hleb and Adebayor now former Gunners?

Once again it's all quiet on the Arsenal front with nothing but speculation in the newspapers about who is leaving and who is joining the club.

Our poll yesterday asking you if you would take Thierry Henry back to the club saw the majority of you (64%) wanting him back in some shape of form, while 36% toed the club line that you don't sign former players.

Nearly 28% of you wanted a part exchange deal for Alex Hleb, 15% would like a part exchange for Emmanuel Adebayor and a more pragmatic 21% would simply buy Titi back.

It's all pure conjecture and a bit of fun, I know, but I'm just wondering whether Hleb and Adebayor have already said goodbye to their team mates. The official Arsenal website had photos of the first team squad back in training yesterday and while the images were limited, none of them showed the duo.

Arsene Wenger has granted the players involved in Euro 2008 some extra days off, but that didn't affect Hleb or Manu and with all the rumours surrounding them you'd think that capturing them back in training with their colleagues would have been a priority if they were there.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, as there were a number of other big names missing from the photos, but Hleb in particular missed the final three games of the season and has therefore had a longer rest than most, so I'm wondering if we'll ever see pictures of him training at London Colney again.

What do you think? Have we seen Hleb and Adebayor play their last games for Arsenal? Share your comments here.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on July 10, 2008 10:04 AM in Debate of the Day
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Helb is leaving as PHW told us. And sertainly if he where staying he'd be in those pictures. I think its a real petty as really admire him and think is/was one of our best players. Infact, togehter with cesc he was the one player i didnt want to loose this summer. And never thought he would...

As for Ade I think he'll be staying. But I would rather loose him then Hleb. I think Ade is more replacable, and also I dont rate him as high as Alex.

But I cant help but wonder, why every summer all the buzz i about our players? As soon as someone has a good season the media goes wild about them leaving. This summer it been rumers about Sagna (who signed last season?!?) Clichy, Hleb, Ade, RvP, Cesc and so on and so... in short everyone whos had a good season.

Why is this? And why isnt the same for Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool? In fact even smaller clubs like Tottenham or Man City have to deal with kind of agony that we do. I know ronaldo has been in the papers this summer, but thats probably because there is something true about it. With Arsenal it doesnt matter if its true or not... media wright it anyway.

Why is this?

To sum up;

*Hleb leaving
*Ade staying
(Although i wish it was the other way around)
*Media hates the Arsenal

Posted by: One Tony Adams | July 10, 2008 11:43 AM

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