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Should Arsenal look west, rather than east, for investor saviour

Back at the start of the season, Arsenal were being touted as a takeover target by the headline writers, as an American, then a Russian billionaire took hefty stakes in the club.

It is understood that both deals were brokered by former Gunners vice chairman David Dein, who was anxious to see some big money being invested in the club that he loves.

First Dein persuaded ITV to sell its stake in Arsenal to Denver-based sports magnate Stan Kroenke (pictured). That deal ultimately led to Dein falling out with his fellow directors and saw the enigmatic double-D leaving the club.

Upping the ante on the incumbent board, Dein then sold his near 15% stake in Arsenal to Uzbeki-born metals billionaire Alisher Usmanov and with Dein's influence the secretive Usmanov has now amassed close to 25% of Arsenal shares.

With such heavyweight investors pumping up the share price, Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood got on his high horse and publicly declared of Kroenke that he "didn't want his sort" involved in Arsenal.

A year later, however, Hill-Wood is eating humble pie and is hinting that he sees Kroenke as the lesser of two evils when it comes to the club's foreign investors...

Admitting that he was a tad hasty in bad mouthing the American, Hill-Wood reportedly said, "Contrary to what I said before, I now believe [Kroenke] may have a vital contribution to make to the future of this club.

"I'm not denying I said what I said, but I made those observations before meeting Stan. I have now got to know him and I have changed my opinions.

"Before I met him I didn't think he was the right person to take control of Arsenal. Now I know him as a man who is very much steeped in sport. He's a sports man. He has a major link with the club through the broadband rights and there is every reason to expect we shall discuss further how his involvement can be extended."

That statement seems to pave the way for Kroenke to be offered a seat on the board. And it would appear that having not spoken of Usmanov in the same glowing terms, Hill-Wood is singularly unimpressed by the new money from Russia.

Personally speaking, I believe that by having someone with the marketing savvy of Kroenke - he already owns the St Louis Rams American football franchise, basketball outfit the Denver Nuggets, ice hockey team the Colorado Avalanche and soccer team Colorado Rapids, among others - Arsenal could derive major benefits from his knowledge and expertise.

But what do you lot think? Do you care who owns Arsenal? Perhaps you would welcome Usmanov and his billions. Or maybe you believe the club should fight tooth and nail to remain in English hands. Share your thoughts here.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on May 15, 2008 11:01 AM in Debate of the Day
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sell the club..arsenal needs some big mone if they want to keep up with the rest of the world..arsene has a great youth system going but that wont be enough...he needs summ big money to splash out on a few players and then run his youth system around them...sell the club to Kroenke

Posted by: Arsene | May 17, 2008 8:33 AM

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