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Do Arsenal need to buy English to breed loyalty?

In the wake of Mathieu Flamini's decision to quite Arsenal this summer, a learned friend on mine put forward the suggestion that the key to keeping players that the club develops could be down to nationality.

Now the first thing that came into my mind was that such a sweeping statement was somewhat xenophobic, but allowed to explain his thought process, I could see where his theory has some basis.

It goes something like this: English players do not often take their careers overseas and therefore are more likely to remain at their club. It's not a complicated theory, but when your apply it to some of the Premier League's English internationalists, it seems to hold some truth.

In contrast, foreign players are much more likely to seek moves to pastures new - and not just for the money; there's also the climate to take into consideration.

So I have two very simple questions for you: Firstly, do you agree that signing or developing more English players is the way ahead for Arsenal? And if so, is there anyone in particular you'd like to see on Arsene Wenger's shopping list?

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Posted by Gordon Masson on May 7, 2008 9:13 AM in Debate of the Day| Players| Transfers
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In my opinion it's simple economics why Arsenal doesn't buy English. Would you rather buy Darren Bent for 15 million or both Eduardo and Bacary Sagna? Arsenal has lots of young English talent in the pipeline and that will be great if they pan out, but buying a player simply in the hopes of more loyalty is a little shortsighted.

Posted by: mike | May 7, 2008 11:51 PM

so your article is basicaly saying english = loyalty .. don't you think it's an over reaction due to flamini leaving.

where was the loyalty shown by ashley cole, when he met chelsea offcials in secret so he could get more money... he was english after all.

what about david bentley.. he did not stay to fight for his place... then slags us off to the media every chance he gets.

If you look at clubs like chelsea who have a high number of english players...

most of those players would have left long ago if it wasnt for Romans millions. In no other club could players such as lampard and terry comand such high wages.

Going back to loyalty. Where was the loyalty shown by arsenal when dealing with some of there aging players like the great Robert Pires????????

He should have got a longer contract which he deserved even if he's over 30.

where was the loyalty shown by arsenal to Flamini.

He was outstanding on our run to champions league final and later dropped for Ashley in the final which I feel unbalanced the team.

Flamini was seen as a spare part by the club. Not many ppl appreciated his talent and work ethic.

His contract was left to run down as he was not important in there eyes. This season he took his chance and was one of the best performing players in the whole league let alone just arsenal.

He was not rewarded for this for what ever reason and due primarly due to arsenal's tight wage structure. Fair game to the flamsters for leaving .. arsenal left it to late to show there appreciation.

English does not = loyalty

Loyalty is developed overtime and is a two way thing regardless of nationality.

you must show loyalty to command loyalty

Posted by: super_gooner | May 8, 2008 3:48 PM

No mmy friend. Loyalty is not a feeling exclusive to englishmen. I believe if Arsenal was a place Flamini saw a future he would stay but apparently he doesn't. He just wants to get to the top, an honest goal for anyone.

Posted by: Kwamya | May 12, 2008 3:10 PM

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