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Danny Fiszman reveals backing for Arsene Wenger and talks of hopes and plans for Arsenal's future

There's a fascinating interview on the official Arsenal website today, featuring a frank session with Gunners' power broker Danny Fiszman.

Diamond geezer Fiszman is the biggest shareholder on the Arsenal board and historically has been almost a silent partner at the club. However, last year when the mooted takeover moves by Alisher Usmanov materialised, Fiszman emerged from the shadows to reveal that he plans to take a more active role in the club going forward.

Certainly Fiszman's business acumen cannot be faulted, making him a valuable member of the Gunners' board, but what shines through from his interview is his unwavering support for Arsene Wenger, which is something all of us fans should be thankful for.

Another reason to be cheerful is that Fiszman appears dead against an Usmanov takeover as he slams the idea of a billionaire sugar daddy using the club as an expensive plaything...

"We don't believe in the benefactor model," he states. "It is not a question of a one-time infusion of cash to buy player x or player y. You actually then have salaries that are connected to the players. What if they don't work out? Do you go and buy another two or three players? Is there any end to it? Everybody, including Chelsea, knows there are limits.

"We believe in the end the self-sustaining model is the right one, the one we have adopted and will continue adopting," adds Fiszman.

The full interview will also be shown on the Arsenal TV channel this evening, where viewers will be able to hear Danny talk about the departure of Keith Edelman, Arsene's transfer budget, the club's wage structure and how the international credit crunch affects Arsenal.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on May 27, 2008 10:38 AM in News
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