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Play Fantasy Arsene Wenger: Who would you pick to face Man United?

Arsenal's quest for silverware this season rests on 90 minutes of action at Old Trafford this weekend - or 96 or 97 minutes to allow the Mancs the chance of a last ditch goal, if the Gunners' luck so far this season is anything to go by.

Putting my sour grapes aside, I would be a liar if I was to suggest that the defeat at Anfield on Tuesday was good preparation for a trip to the league leaders this weekend. But although the Arsenal first team will be despondent at their exit from the Champions League, they are acutely aware that they need to lift themselves for the top of the table clash on Sunday and I'm confident they have the character to do so.

In saying that, Alex Ferguson's men are in scintillating form at the moment and are the favourites to lift both the Premier League and Champions League trophies this season. But with nothing else to play for, I expect Arsene Wenger to choose his strongest possible team this weekend to at least put pressure on the Mancs in the run in to the league title.

I'd be astonished if Theo Walcott isn't given a starting slot at Old Trafford, allowing Emmanuel Eboue to slot in at right back if Bacary Sagna is still injured. However, if Sagna is fit, Walcott may just get the nod to partner Emmanuel Adebayor up front, rather than wide left and I hope that such an attacking line-up will be what Le Gaffer opts for in Manchester. Assuming that Mathieu Flamini has not recovered from the ankle knock he picked up at Anfield, it would be great to see Abou Diaby given a starting role in his best position in central midfield.

As usual, share your thoughts on the starting line up here. My choice would be this:

Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
Eboue Fabregas Diaby Hleb
Walcott Adebayor

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Posted by Gordon Masson on April 10, 2008 3:13 PM in News| Players
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Isn't Diaby still suspended due to the red card at Bolton?

Posted by: Zekky | April 10, 2008 5:42 PM

Eboue Toure Galas Clichy
Walcott Fabregas Gilberto Hleb
Adebayor Van Persie

Posted by: mendi | April 11, 2008 11:45 AM

My choice ( 4-1-3-2)

Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy
Gilberto (flamini injured and diaby out)
Walcott Fab Hleb
Adebayor Bendtner

Sub: van persie

Posted by: Tom | April 11, 2008 11:51 AM

My choice

Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy
Walcott Fab Hleb
Adebayor Bendtner

Posted by: Tom | April 11, 2008 11:52 AM


Eboue, Toure, Gallas, Clichy

Walcott, Fab, Song, Hleb

Ade, Van

= gilberto shit......Song is quality the boy killed it in the African nations....through balls and defensive minded. give the kid a chance

Posted by: Umer | April 11, 2008 4:35 PM

Allowing for injuries and suspensions.
Eboue, Toure, Galls, Clichy
Walcott, Fabregas, Gilberto, Song, Hleb

I concur with Umer, give Song a chance, but play 4-5-1. Walcott can break to support Ade.

Posted by: Gary | April 11, 2008 4:55 PM

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