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Arsene plays down title hopes, but do you think Arsenal have blown it?

Le Gaffer's regular post match email was a little more subdued than usual this week and I'm guessing that Arsene Wenger is now reluctantly accepting that the Premier League title is slipping away from Arsenal.

Of course with Chelsea and Manchester United still to play, the Gunners' destiny is still in our own hands, but with four draws in a row, the team has hardly done itself any favours.

Wenger agrees. "It was a very disappointing result for us on Saturday because we have now dropped eight points in the last four games. When you're in the race for the championship, especially when you have the opponents we have, that's a big disappointment," he admits.

Turning to Saturday's clash with Boro, Arsene says, "There were a number of talking points. Mido was sent off for a high challenge on Gael Clichy but I don't think there was any intention there. He hit Gael on top of his head because he just headed the ball at the moment Mido wanted to play the ball. I believe the referee gave the red card when he saw the injury, because Gael was bleeding on the top of his head, but it was very difficult to assess that Mido wanted to hit him on his head."

The referee's shocking performance was also noted by Le Boss, who was particularly irked by the offside decisions that went against Arsenal.

"Was Middlesbrough's goal offside? They say the offside situation is judged every time the ball is played and of course the ball wasn't played to Jeremie Aliadiere at first. But, in the spirit of the game, he was offside," moans Wenger.

"Emmanuel Adebayor was ruled offside even though he was played through by George Boateng, the Boro midfielder. The referee, Mark Halsey, explained to me afterwards that the intention of Robin van Persie was to play the ball to Adebayor, who was offside. That means the deflection of the ball doesn't count anymore. I didn't know that but, at least I learned something new on Saturday!"

Frankly I'm of the opinion that Arsenal have blown their chance of Premier League glory this season. Unless of course we can kick-start our campaign by breaking Chelsea's unbeaten home record at Stamford Bridge this Sunday.

As for Wenger, he states, "The result is disappointing but, for now, we don't know how much damage it has done to our title hopes. We'll see that at the end of the season. A draw is not good enough but we have to keep our belief, our spirit, and focus on the next game."

What do you reckon? Have Arsenal dropped too many points to win this year's Premier League race? Or do you think the team can get back to winning ways and generate the momentum to carry them first across the winning line in May? Share your thoughts here using our comments section below.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on March 18, 2008 11:15 AM in Debate of the Day| News| Players
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4 consecutive draws have taken a lot of wind out of them, but if they can muster results against ManU & Chelsea, well then its going down to the wire.

Posted by: Zekky | March 18, 2008 4:58 PM

we must beat chelsea and we must beat Manchester United for us to have a chance i think. If we only muster two draws, we need them to lose a pretty decent number of points and for us to win almost everything else. I suppose one win and one draw would still give us some chance. Though really, if the draw came at chelsea for 5 in a row, i don't think we'd be able to move on mentally and take the title.
In short, we need to beat chelsea. if not, we're in a desperate situation, fighting just for second position.

Posted by: spb | March 18, 2008 6:12 PM

Arsenal will win NOTHING this year, just like every other year. In fact; Tottenham will finish more successful than Arsenal this season. Arsebal has never been considered a strong club in EUrope, and never will.

Posted by: LiverpoolSupporter | March 19, 2008 7:56 PM

The season is far from over. Each of the top 3 still has a chance. There are only 3 points separating Arsenal from the top slot! And look how many top matchups are still in store! I'm not saying we're in the most ideal situation, but wake up people. There's a lot of time left. Man U is flying high right now, but they haven't been that consistent all season. And likewise, Arsenal haven't been this consistently lacking all season either. I will be very surprised if Man U keeps winning like this the rest of the year and if Arsenal keeps drawing the rest of the year.

Posted by: JJ | March 20, 2008 2:18 PM

Considering Arsenal were supposedly due to fall out of the top 4 this season with Tottenham taking our place I think it is safe to say that we will have had a much better season than our North London neighbours. Arsenal are also virtually guaranteed to finish above Liverpool in the league and unless you win the Champions League, which you won't, then it is safe to say that we will have had a better season than the Reds. Not bad for a bunch of kids with no talisman, aka Henry, to hold them together.

Posted by: Charlie7542 | March 20, 2008 5:17 PM

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