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Today's Backpages and Blogs: Arsenal leave it all to do at the San Siro

The Sun - Arsenal 0 AC Milan 0
"Adebayor. Adebayor. Give him the ball and he will score.” So the song goes. But he didn’t when he should have — and now Arsenal have it all to do in the San Siro.

The Times - Arsenal are left with it all to do at San Siro
All is not lost: one goal at the San Siro stadium in 12 days’ time could be enough to take Arsenal into the Champions League quarter-finals at the expense of the holders. Yet, after this, Arsene Wenger knows his young team will have to be at their very best to progress.

The Mirror - Arsenal can still reach the quarter-finals, says Arsene Wenger
Defiant Arsene Wenger insisted Arsenal can still reach the Champions League quarter-finals after watching Emmanuel Adebayor's heartbreaking last-gasp miss against AC Milan.

The Independent - Adebayor misses golden chance as Milanese guile stifles Arsenal
Their rivals across town might be the champions of Italy, but no one quite matches the Rossoneri of Milan when it comes to putting ambitious English clubs in their place.

The Telegraph - Flawless Milan keep Arsenal at bay
This time, the Italians held on. This time, the master-class in defending from visiting Serie A experts was flawless. AC Milan last night managed what Inter had failed to do 24 hours earlier at Liverpool, defending superbly for 90 minutes rather than 86. Paolo Maldini, 39 going on 19, was magnificent.

The Guardian - Wenger upbeat but bemoans anxiety in front of goal
Arsene Wenger admitted his players were too anxious in front of goal after seeing the home side frustrated by Milan last night, though the Frenchman retains hope that Arsenal can prevail at San Siro to reach the last eight of the Champions League.

The Daily Mail - Choked! Wenger faces struggle at San Siro as Milan defence stifles Gunners
Arsene Wenger last night admitted that Arsenal blew their big chance to beat the champions of Europe after they were held 0-0 by Milan at the Emirates.

The Daily Star - Gunners run out of steam
Arsenal face a real battle in Milan in two weeks after failing to break down trophy holders AC Milan at the Emirates last night.

Arsenal News Review - Like playing a sea sponge
After the vast majority had left the Emirates, Thierry Henry, on the big screen, curled the ball beautifully coming from the left into the top right corner. Spontaneous applause echoed across the virtually bare terraces. This was about the first game Arsenal have missed Henry. Or at least the potential of his clinical finishing.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on February 21, 2008 7:53 AM in Champions League| Match Report| News| Players
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