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Today's Backpages and Blogs: Lassana Diarra on brink of move to Portsmouth

The Guardian - Diarra on verge of £5.5m Portsmouth move
Lassana Diarra is confident of completing a £5.5m move from Arsenal to Portsmouth after his advisers held talks with the south coast club yesterday.

The Sun - Latest transfer whispers
Arsenal are trailing a player called The Elephant. Torpedo Moscow defender Vyacheslav Dmitriev, 17, got the nickname as he seems to move slowly but in reality is deceptively quick.

The Mirror - Spurs lead hunt for Andrei Arshavin
Russia skipper Andrei Arshavin is wanted in north London - with Spurs leading the chase ahead of Arsenal.

The Independent - Tottenham and Arsenal linked with Zenit striker Arshavin
The Russia striker Andrei Arshavin has been linked with a move to Tottenham or Arsenal after his agent confirmed he is attracting interest from a trio of western European clubs.

The Daily Mail - Wenger turns to The Elephant for his next big game
Arsenal are on the trail of a player called The Elephant.

Arsenal News Review - It's Arsenal v Fulham v Man United
Arsenal have to recover their style at Fulham. They have to win, yes. But they have to recover their style as well. If they don't recover their style, if they don't find that slick, forceful, collective passing game again, their league challenge will fizzle out.

A Cultured Left Foot - Arsene Tells Billy How To Do It And More
Arsene has let us peek into his methodology for new signings and those who were expecting some incisive procedure will have been disappointed. Apparently, it is all down to watching a player.

Gunnerblog - Diarra Walking, Bendtner Talking, and Arsene Stalking
Lassana Diarra is reportedly closing in on a £5.5m switch to Portsmouth. Quite a few respectable sources have corroborated this one, and whilst Portsmouth have denied agreeing a deal, it might not be too far off.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on January 16, 2008 9:35 AM in News| Players| Transfers
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