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‘Adebayor is the best player in the world and I love the way Arsenal play’ says reported Gunners’ target Dede Ayew

Marseille’s Ghanaian international Dede Ayew reckons Arsenal’s leading goalscorer Emmanuel Adebayor is the planet’s finest performer and hopes to play alongside him one day.

Whether that’s just what he thinks or him cosying up to potential employers is a question for cynics. The 17-year-old has been linked with a move to Emirates Stadium this season who’s to argue with him when he says Ade’s the best around?

Here’s what he told

“I think Adebayor is the best player in the world and I love watching him play,” said Ayew. “He is fast, strong, tall and can do everything with the ball.”

The teenager is the son of former Ghana captain Abedi Pele and hinted at a move to north London when he showered praise on Arsenal’s slick brand of football, saying:

“For now I will continue to work hard for Marseille, but for sure I love to watch Arsenal, and it's true I love the way they play football.

“At Marseille we are taught to play simple 'break and pass' football and Arsenal are similar, but on another level.”

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Posted by Mo Khan on January 24, 2008 11:30 AM in
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