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Eduardo: Jeffers in disguise or just in need of time?

Arsenal’s summer signing Eduardo has yet to convince the club’s fans of his worth after two quiet displays at Newcastle and Middlesbrough over the last seven days.

The Brazilian-born Croatian international boasts a healthy goal return of five from ten starts and five substitute appearances but is yet to find the net in the Premier League.

Yet considering the pint-sized predator is enjoying his first season in England and is yet to be given a run of starts in the top flight, he’s not doing as badly as recent criticism may suggest.

Personally, I’m confident the former Dinamo Zagreb skipper will go on to score a sack-load of goals for the Gunners and despite not looking like he’s on the same wavelength as Emmanuel Adebayor in recent games, has shown enough to convince me he can integrate very well into our side given a little more time to stamp his ability on the attack and build up his confidence.

Eduardo can finish just as comfortably with his feet or his head and despite not being in the same sprinting class as Thierry Henry, he’s very, very quick over the first few yards. And for a central striker like him, that’s a great attribute to possess.

Arsene Wenger is doing with Eduardo what he has done with many players over the years – playing him in un-natural roles in order to build him up to Premier League pace.

Theo Walcott has spent a lot of time on the wings since moving from Southampton and although Le Boss sees the England international’s long-term position through the middle, he has even deployed Walcott as a right-back on occasion. He would tell you it’s all part of the education.

So when Eduardo graduates from the ‘adaptation’ period he is presently described by Wenger as being in the middle of, we can all look forward to a truly world class finisher on the end of an already prolific team.

Yet of course, there are no guarantees and Wenger may be wrong. He has been before, notably with Francis Jeffers. Could he be again?

What have YOU made of Eduardo’s start to life in North London? Will he become the player all Arsenal fans hope and be a future Golden Boot winner? Or will he fail to live up to the hype and be moved on prematurely? Maybe you feel the team has not been set up to tailor to his talents recently? Who would you pick to partner Dudu? Post a comment leaving your thoughts on the matter below…

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Posted by Mo Khan on December 12, 2007 11:30 AM in News
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Agree with the crux of your comments,Gordon. Is it the Arsenal style of play that is so difficult for new recruits to assimulate? Both Hleb and Flamini look different players to the last 2 seasons. As for Eduardo being on a different wavelength to Adebayor, some days so do the rest of the side as well. The problem is with RVP likely to be an ever-present once he regains his fitness, both Eduardo and Bendtner will take longer to adapt with less playing time.

Posted by: Bob Smart | December 12, 2007 1:58 PM

I am not sure what is going on with Eduardo, but the substitution at half has been tough. It doesn't really give him much time to make readjustments after the first half. I know Wenger has a method, but the successful start to the season has probably keep him on the bench more then Arsene initially planned.

Posted by: johnm | December 12, 2007 4:04 PM

He looks like a clever player and more importantly an intelligent footballer. He's not as comfortable as a wide man and obviously has flourished as a centre forward in his national side. A shame he was getting into his stride when he picked up an injury.

Posted by: Lew | December 12, 2007 9:05 PM

i bet he'll be the top scorer 4 gunners

Posted by: maxi | December 13, 2007 4:29 PM

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