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Your vote: William Gallas was Man Of The Match against Manchester United

A fantastically hit strike with just seconds to go helped Arsenal secure a point against their nearest rivals, Manchester United, last weekend and keep the Gunners' unbeaten run intact for a record breaking 25th game.

Thanks to an eagle-eyed linesman, skipper William Gallas's last gasp goal gave Arsenal a much deserved draw and the Frenchman's overall play was enough to convince you that he was a worthy winner of the Arsenal Pies Man Of The Match award.

Whinging Willie has become Winning Willie recently and while I originally had doubts about his captaincy credentials, the way he led the team against Alex Ferguson's men was magnificent and there seems to be a real bond between Gallas and his team mates, in a way that Thierry Henry never had.

Gallas amassed 27% of your vote, with Alexander Hleb coming a close second with 20% of the Polldaddy count. For the full results, click here

Let's hope that Gallas can lead Arsenal to victory over Slavia Prague tonight to secure our place in the final 16 of the Champions League. I'll post another Man Of The Match poll here after tonight's game.


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Posted by Gordon Masson on November 7, 2007 3:00 PM in News| Players| Poll
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