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What the papers say: Eduardo brace blunts the Blades

Another fantastic display by Arsenal's young Guns once again has the sports hacks purring about Arsene Wenger's ability to find and nurture talent.

Here’s what the main dailies are reporting today:

The Sun - Fab: We trust the Almighty
Cesc Fabregas insists the Arsenal stars fully trust Manuel Almunia — despite Jens Lehmann’s blast at his goalkeeping rival for the No 1 slot.

The Times - Arsenal youngsters canter into next round
Arsenal showed that the addition of fire to their trademark flair extends to every member of Arsene Wenger’s talented squad in qualifying for the Carling Cup quarter-finals. And they did so at a canter at Bramall Lane last night, despite Sheffield United’s best efforts to expose their perceived soft centre and dislike of the attritional approach.

The Mirror - Arsenal hoping for meaningful Man Utd duel
Arsenal claimed a rare league double over Manchester United last season yet finished 21 points behind the champions. The Londoners will no doubt hope anything they get from Saturday's lunchtime showdown at the Emirates Stadium (1245 GMT) will count for a little more in the final reckoning this time.

The Independent - Eduardo profits from Wenger's youth policy
Arsene Wenger vowed to back the burgeoning talent of his Carling Cup side all the way to the final after watching an XI containing four teenagers stroll into the last eight last night. This was all too easy for Arsenal, who might at least have expected that a team with an average age of 21-and-a-half to be given a serious examination of character by Sheffield United but instead found their Championship opponents ultimately not much better than willing accomplices.

The Telegraph - Arsenal add to Bryan Robson's woe
''Resign, Robson!" came the shout from the stands after Denilson had crashed home Arsenal's third. Shortly afterwards, a supporter ran on to the pitch and threw his scarf at Bryan Robson's feet. However, Arsenal were simply irresistible last night and Robson's future as Sheffield United manager was not really the issue.

The Guardian - Eduardo's quality cuts through Blades as fans turn on Robson
When Eduardo arrived at the Emirates from Dinamo Zagreb this summer he was hyped as the "new Thierry Henry". Still too busy lamenting their hero's departure, few Arsenal fans were convinced but the Brazilian-born Croatia striker undid Sheffield United last night with two goals even Henry would have treasured.

The Daily Mail - Eduardo and Denilson lift Arsenal kids
Arsenal slunk out of Bramall Lane not so long ago sulking after being beaten by a Sheffield United team bound for relegation. Last night they left the pitch to the deserved applause of the home crowd.

The Daily Express - Fans Gunning for Usmanov
Arsenal fans will stage a demonstration against Russian Alisher Usmanov at Saturday’s Premier League match with Manchester United at the Emirates. Members of the Red Action group will march to the game, chanting slogans and unfurling banners against the billionaire, who has a 23 per cent stake in the club and formed the Red & White Holdings Consortium.

The Daily Star - Ed double on target
Arsene Wenger’s kids followed in the footsteps of their Premier League elders with a 3-0 demolition of Sheffield United.

Got an opinion on any of these stories? Then share it with your fellow Pies readers in our comments section below.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on November 1, 2007 5:30 AM in
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