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What the papers say: William Gallas loves the Arsenal way

He may be a bit slow to utter words of praise, but then again, he isn't nicknamed Whinging Willie for nothing. Yesterday William Gallas changed his tune and was telling any sports hack who would listen just how good Arsenal are compared to Chelsea. Erm, I think they already know skipper.

Here’s what the main dailies are reporting today:

The Sun - Arsenal are best I've played for
William Gallas insists he has never played for a better team than Arsenal — but warns that it will count for nothing if the Gunners finish the season empty-handed.

The Times - William Gallas lauds Wenger's eye for style over Chelsea substance
William Gallas’s relationship with Chelsea deteriorated so badly during his final days at the club that he allegedly threatened to score an own goal if they persisted in picking him, so it is understandable that, given the choice, he prefers to watch Arsenal.

The Mirror - Drogba inspires Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor last night revealed he has modelled himself on Didier Drogba and Kanu to become Arsenal's top Gunner.

The Independent - Gallas takes child's delight in Gunners' beautiful game
For a man who has been the keystone of two of English football's most formidable defences, William Gallas talks a lot less tough than he plays. Yet even the mild-mannered Frenchman was prepared to admit yesterday that Arsenal play more attractive football than his former side Chelsea – as if anyone actually needed telling.

The Telegraph - William Gallas now in his 'top team'
William Gallas won consecutive Premier League titles at Chelsea, yet he already regards the current Arsenal team as superior to Jose Mourinho's championship winners at Stamford Bridge.

The Guardian - Arsenal have to win major trophy this season, says Gallas
William Gallas prefers not to look back in anger. His focus is on the present, which tonight takes in Arsenal's Champions League tie against Slavia Prague at Emirates Stadium. But the France international still talks to his former team-mates at Chelsea and he has a sense of the turbulence they have felt in the wake of José Mourinho's departure.

The Daily Mail - Theo sets the benchmark for Arsene contenders
Theo Walcott has been playing a waiting game ever since being thrust into the spotlight when he was picked for England's World Cup squad at the age of 17. Waiting for the niggling injuries that have interrupted his career at Arsenal to clear up. Waiting for a regular run in the first team. And waiting for another crack with England.

The Daily Express - Wenger reluctant to tinker
Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal's stunning start to the season has come at a cost - upsetting some of the big names at the Emirates Stadium.

The Daily Star - I just loved watching Gunners
Skipper William Gallas revealed yesterday he jumped up and down “like a kid” watching Arsenal while he was injured. And he admitted that during his five years at Chelsea he usually didn’t even bother going along to see them during his spells on the sidelines.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on October 23, 2007 10:26 AM in Champions League| News| Players
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  1. Guitar Hero Mobile shown off at CTIA Wireless expo, critics love the three-button controls
  2. Shiny Video Review: Nokia N81
  3. Graffiti-covered Tin Can speaker set
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