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What the papers say: Arsenal could become uncatchable

You could have predicted today's headlines in the UK's national newspapers. As Arsenal line up to face their first top four finishing side of the season, the sports hacks are acting like it's a make or break moment. No matter what the result, there is still a long way to go, ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s what the main dailies are reporting:

The Sun - We're Fab, just like Brazil!
Cesc Fabregas has warned Liverpool: Arsenal are just like Brazil.

The Times - Arsenal prepare to face genuine test of how far they have come
At the start of the season, Arsenal faced a struggle to retain their place in the top four of the Barclays Premier League. By common consent, even among the most ardent of fans at the Emirates Stadium, it would be a campaign of trouble and strife. How wrong.

The Mirror - Invincibles to Unstoppables
Arsene Wenger takes his all-conquering Arsenal into their first 'Big Four' clash of the season tomorrow claiming that they can become unstoppable.

The Telegraph - Arsene Wenger trains Arsenal on the big boys
Arsene Wenger warned yesterday that an Arsenal win at Anfield tomorrow could signal that his side are on course to retain the Premier League title they last won in 2004.

The Guardian - Rise to big occasions and we won't be caught, says Wenger
Arsene Wenger has blown his side's cover at last. Arsenal arrive on Merseyside tomorrow top, unbeaten and propelled by a run of 12 consecutive victories but, for the first time, their manager has offered up the reality that should they emulate last season's successes against the other contenders, they could prove uncatchable.

The Daily Mail - Wenger: Big games key to title
Arsene Wenger claimed nothing will get in the way of Arsenal winning the Premier League title if they can overcome their biggest test of the season so far at Liverpool. Arsenal are unbeaten in all competitions, but tomorrow's clash at Anfield is the first time they have come up against a team who finished in the top four last term.

The Daily Star - Wenger: My kids look invincible
Arsene Wenger has warned Arsenal will be unstoppable if they reproduce last season’s form against their top-four rivals.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on October 27, 2007 11:07 AM in
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