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Traore or Clichy? Who will be Arsenal's long-term left-back?

Armand Traore is officially Arsenal’s second-choice left-back behind Gael Clichy but as he continues to develop at a frightening pace the question on everyone’s lips is ‘for how long?’

How long will he play second fiddle to Clichy? Who is the better player right now? And who will be the better player in a year or two?

Considering Clichy’s stunning start to the campaign and relatively seasoned experience - I remember him performing heroically for us as long ago as February 2004, when we beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge 2-1, their last league defeat at home – it’s difficult to envisage any player ousting him from his favoured berth.

Yet Traore is no ordinary player. He is strongly built, supremely quick and is rapidly adding the big-match experience to fast-track his development.

At the start of last season, Traore started Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial and then went on to feature in Arsenal’s Carling Cup run to Cardiff. He started the final and although he may have been at fault for Didier Drogba’s equaliser that day, his overall performance was superb.

William Gallas recently revealed Traore as his pick of all the Young Guns at the club to add to the former Monaco man’s burgeoning reputation.

But who do YOU think will be our number one left-back long-term? Has Clichy got it nailed down for keeps or will Traore go on to prove he is the best? Tell us what you think via the comments section below…

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Posted by Mo Khan on October 16, 2007 1:54 PM in
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No question, starter should be Clichy. He's done a whale of a job on the left and him and Sanga are a sight to see flying down the pitch. Traore for the carling cup and to fill in if Gael ever gets knocked around this season. I wouldn't switch the two until something wild occurs, like Clichy picking up Glass Willy's big mouth.

Posted by: Danny M | October 16, 2007 11:20 PM

Clichy without question. But with his pace, I'd be curious to see if he could play on the left side of midfield. His crossing and passing needs to improve, but I think he could do it.

Posted by: Clichy22 | October 17, 2007 3:44 AM

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