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Poll: Arsenal v Bolton Man of the Match

Thanks to the technical wizards at Polldaddy, once again we leave it up to you lot to choose who Arsenal's most valuable player was yesterday in the game against Bolton.

Once again our young team had to dig deep to secure the points, but their level of maturity keeps on improving and despite Bolton trying to bully them off the park, it was only a matter of time before the Gunners found the breakthrough.

Kolo Toure finally found the back of the net with one of his free kicks, before substitutes Theo Walcott and Tomas Rosicky combined superbly to put us 2-0 up.

But were one of those three your star performer yesterday? Simply choose the player who you think merits Arsenal Pies' Man Of The Match award and click on vote - it couldn't be simpler. You have until Tuesday lunchtime to make your choice, but seeing as you're already here reading this, you may as well do it now.

I'll publish the results on Tuesday afternoon, prior to our Champions League clash with Slavia Prague.

Came straight to this page? Visit for all the latest news.

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Posted by Gordon Masson on October 21, 2007 10:30 AM in Debate of the Day| Match Report| News| Players| Poll
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