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Bacary Sagna reveals that Arsenal criticism helps the team

He might have only joined us during the summer, but right back Bacary Sagna says that the way Arsenal were written off by pundits before the start of the season has helped focus the team on achieving their flying start to the campaign.

A number of critics predicted that Arsenal were washed up without Thierry Henry and that we would struggle to finish in the top four. However, almost a quarter of the way through the season and we’re top of the league with the best goal difference and a game in hand over our nearest rivals.

Former Auxerre defender Sagna has impressed with the way he has made the right back position his own, keeping out Justin Hoyte and Emmanuel Eboue in the process. And being a self-confessed Gooner, he has revealed that he and his team mates have used the pre-season criticism of Arsenal as an incentive to prove the naysayers wrong...

“We did not expect to be top and to experience such a start,” Sagna revealed during a press conference at the French national squad’s training ground today. Bacary’s form over the past few months sees him joining Arsenal colleagues William Gallas, Abou Diaby, Mathieu Flamini and Lassan Diarra in the French squad that faces Denmark and Finland over the next few days.

“The pre season critics gave us some energy,” he continued. “People tell me that our football is flamboyant, impressive and quick. That is right, sometimes I watch it.”

And Sagna also noted the difference in pace of the league in his home nation compared to England, where he has learned a lesson from last weekend’s game that complacency can easily cost teams points.

“The [Premier League] is more engaged than the French one, it never stops,” he said. “We have seen at the weekend [during the win over Sunderland] that with a little less effort it can go against us.”

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Posted by Gordon Masson on October 9, 2007 4:15 PM in News| Players
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this guy was an absolute steal,he is pure class and i cant wait to see him against the best wingers like Ronaldo,i cant see Ronaldo having a look in on either side with Clichy and Sagna fit he wont have a look in either side...thank you Wenger

Posted by: casicky | October 9, 2007 9:34 PM

Agreed casicky, he is total class. He's already added a lot to the team.

Although Eboue was also brilliant, he can play RM now.

Posted by: | October 10, 2007 2:00 PM

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