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Wenger - I'll splash a wad of wonga on one player

wenger.jpgArsene Wenger has revealed he will not shy away from spending a ‘fortune’ on a single player if and when one becomes available.

Lets face it, as satisfying as it is to witness the path chosen by Le Boss, with regards to developing a team from scratch using predominately young players, no Arsenal fan would reach for the protest boards if the club announced the £20miliion signing tomorrow of say, Robinho of Real Madrid.

A world class talent, with his best years ahead of him. He could make an ‘instant impact’ on our team. Yet until now, and for at least another season after this according to Wenger, Arsenal will not be entering any bidding wars for such high-priced, proven talent.

But at the end of the 2008-09 campaign, that is all likely to change as the Gunners will be financially capable to compete for the most sought-after signatures in the game.

“I think that we will see the difference at the end of the 2008/09 season,” he told France Football.

“If one day, one player can help us reach another level and he costs a fortune, we will still be able to get this player.”

So does this mean the next Wayne Rooney or Fernando Torres or Arjen Robben [all players I think would add an awful lot to our current team if they were to play tomorrow] come on the market, we’ll be in for them?

To coin a well-used transfer-market term, Le Boss has never shopped for the finished article at Harrods. Perhaps M&S; or Debenhams – but never Harrods. Yes he’s signed Sylvain Wiltord and Jose Antonio Reyes for over 10 million but they weren’t top-draw names. More UEFA Cup than Champions League if you like. That’s not to say they were not top quality players but just that they weren’t top names when they arrived at Arsenal.

The reason for our lack of competitiveness at the very top of the transfer market has been money. We just weren’t that rich and had we stayed at Highbury, would never have been.

But the move to the new stadium and recently published financial report have illustrated Arsenal’s elevation into the elite band of ‘super-clubs’ – the Manchester United’s, AC Milans, Real Madrids and Barcelonas of this world.

Yet we’re not quite there just yet, as Wenger suggests. But in a couple of years we will be.

Then, with Wenger armed with a pot of gold never seen before at the club, the rest of the Premier and Champions League may be faced by an unstoppable Arsenal.

But enough of the hype and to a more important issue – Wenger’s successor.

If Le Gaffer could somehow be preserved in his current form for the rest of time, we wouldn’t need untold millions. We could have stayed at Highbury.

He’s kept us competitive on a shoestring for a decade and could if necessary, continue to do so. But the day will arrive, as painful as the thought may seem now, when Wenger steps down as manager.

This is when the money will become vital. Because if we can’t unearth another Arsene, we’ll need to spend to remain at the top.

Just like the rest do now.

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Posted by Mo Khan on September 28, 2007 2:51 PM in
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