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What the papers say: Arsenal chairman goads Chelsea

The sports editors may still be coming to terms with Arsenal being the richest club in Britain, but the Gunners' board seems very comfortable with the concept, as chairman Peter Hill-Wood took time out to rub salt into the deepening Chelsea wounds.

Here’s what the main dailies are reporting today:

The Times - That’s rich - Chelsea left in the shade as Arsenal hit £200m high
Peter Hill-Wood, the Arsenal chairman, yesterday added strongly-worded insults to Chelsea’s self-inflicted injuries by describing their plans for global domination as “bullshit” and “fantasy”.

The Guardian - Hill-Wood brands Chelsea's bid for domination 'fantasy' as Arsenal future looks bright
Arsenal yesterday announced a near-£35m rise in profits after their first full year in the Emirates Stadium and promptly rubbished Chelsea's claims of world domination.

The Daily Mail - Rich Gunners taunt Kenyon over 'fantasy'
Chelsea ambitions to dominate world football were described on Monday as 'fantasy' by Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, who had just announced remarkable financial figures that point to Premier League leaders Arsenal now being the richest club in the country.

The Sun - Sam blames Wenger for feud
Sam Allardyce has blamed Arsene Wenger for sparking the long-running feud between the two managers.

The Mirror - Gallas praise
William Gallas has praised Arsenal's youngsters for stepping into the vacuum left by Thierry Henry's move to Barcelona - but reckons they managed to do it thanks to the time they spent playing with the French legend.

The Independent - Wenger keeps feet on ground after Emirates move transforms fortunes
When Arsene Wenger had dinner with the Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood and Danny Fiszman – the club's main money-man and key shareholder respectively – last June, there was only one item on the agenda: persuading the manager to extend his contract beyond 2008.

The Telegraph - Arsene Wenger's love for the beautiful game
Want to know Le Gaffer's thoughts, then read them in his own words. "Being manager of Arsenal is like a marriage. It just becomes part of your life. You don't imagine yourself anywhere else."

The Daily Express - I don't need any money
A conversation between Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, majority shareholder Danny Fiszman and manager Arsene Wenger perfectly highlighted the irony of the club becoming the richest in the country. The trio met in June to discuss Wenger’s contract and Fiszman asked the Frenchman what he would do if the board gave him £100million to spend. Wenger immediately replied: “I would give it you back.”

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Posted by Gordon Masson on September 25, 2007 9:25 AM in News
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