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Eduardo at ease at Emirates Stadium

It appears Eduardo da Silva has taken to life in England far better than he initially did in Croatia – his adopted homeland.

Following the Brazilian-born striker’s summer switch to Emirates Stadium from Dinamo Zagreb, newspaper profiles revealed Eduardo had endured a torrid first few months in Croatia, sleeping at his club’s stadium and “making one cup of tea last all day” due to a lack of readies.

So it filled me with joy to hear our new penalty-box predator has encountered no such difficulties in London. Following his masterclass in finishing for Croatia against Estonia at the weekend, Eduardo revealed some of the close bonds he has already formed with several Arsenal team-mates and explained why he finds driving in London as easy as finding the back of the net.

“After the game (Croatia-Estonia) Sagna immediately called me and congratulated me, he is quoted as saying on Gunnerblog.

“Denilson and Gilberto congratulated me via SMS.”

“We are a young team, and we have an excellent atmosphere in the squad. They welcomed me well and we get on superbly inside and outside the dressing-room.
“I don’t have trouble with driving on the left side and having the wheel on the right side. My car has an automatic gear-shifter and I have GPS navigation!”

Great to hear he’s enjoying life under Le Gaffer’s command I’m sure you’ll agree.

Because there is obviously ‘something’ about this man. He seems to attract the ball in the penalty area in the same manner you’d imagine a Big Mac does Franks Lampard’s gob. A form of leathery magnetism perhaps. Or just killer instinct.

Or, as his national team manager Slaven Billic insists, Eduardo is simply miraculous.

“There’s really nothing more to say,” he insists.

“I can only shout: ‘Da Silva!’ Ever since his first training session with the U-21 team, 3 years ago, Aljoša (Asanović) and I have said he is one of the best strikers in the world. I really think that today he is. He is a miracle. He is not just a goal-machine His every touch with the ball, every turn, every run, everything he does is special. He really is a miracle.”

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